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Music Leadership Summit program

In collaboration with project partners from Jordan and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Music Leadership Summit offers a program that combines training and expertise-sharing, focused on using music to build connection and solidarity in the context of a world with a growing population on the move.

This summit aims to increase the impact of musicians in facilitation and advocacy work with displaced people through sharing the first-hand experiences of our trainers, project partners, and professionals from allied organizations.

By attending the Music Leadership Summit, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges and the potential of music and other arts projects in Jordan and Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the perspective of local professionals;
  • The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on projects that work with forcibly displaced people;
  • Musicians Without Borders’ five working principles – safety, inclusion, equality, creativity, quality – and how to apply them in the context of group work with displaced people;
  • Considerations for facilitating musical activities in various cultural contexts;
  • The biological, social, and psychological effects of music on our nervous system and tools for self-care to help monitor your own well-being;
  • How the principles of peace education and nonviolence can orient music activities towards social change;
  • Ways that musicians can advocate for the social inclusion of displaced people.

Espoir Rukengeza (music leadership training 2020)

Preliminary program

SESSION I • Introduction to Musicians Without Borders

September 20 • 19:30 – 21:30 CET • Trainer: Otto de Jong

A look at Musicians Without Borders’ projects and methodology, introducing our five working principles and theory of change.

SESSION II • Music and the Nervous System

September 27 • 19:30 – 21:30 CET • Trainers: Darren Abrahams and Amanda Koser-Gillespie

An introduction to the biological, psychological and social effects music has on us and how we use music making to encourage co-regulation and self-care.

SESSION III • Nonviolence and Peace Education

October 4 • 19:30 – 21:30 CET • Trainers: Amanda Koser-Gillespie and Laura Hassler

An introduction to how musicians can work as peacemakers.

Welcome Session

An introduction to musical activities in connection with Musicians Without Borders’ five working principles.

Keynote • On the Concept of Quality

Speaker: Laura Hassler

Thoughts on artistic vision and leadership in nonviolent social change.

Workshop • Percussion Techniques

Experience various percussion activities that can be used with diverse audiences.

Storytelling & Advocacy

Speakers: Eduard Nazarski & Oene van Geel

Eduard Nazarski (former director of Amnesty International Nederland) and Oene van Geel speak about their past and current work with displaced people, highlighting their involvement with the initiative Alarm Europa.

Workshop • Creating Your Own Activities

Designing music activities for your own professional context.

Music and the Nervous System II

Trainer: Amanda Koser-Gillespie

This session explores the practical activities discussed during the pre-summit session, and further explores the importance of self-care when working in the field.

Storytelling & Advocacy II

Speaker: Save the Children Northwest Balkans

Musicians Without Borders project partner Save The Children Northwest Balkans speaks about their cooperation with Musicians Without Borders in Bosnia & Herzegovina and the challenging situation children on the move face in the Balkans.

Music and Inclusion

Trainer: Otto de Jong

Sharing methods for working inclusively as a music leader in diverse settings.

Nonviolence and Peace Education II

Trainer: Amanda Koser-Gillespie

An exploration into the relationship between nonviolence, creativity and leadership and how musicians can work as peacemakers.

Lecture • Storytelling and advocacy

Trainers: Tareq Jundi and Fabienne van Eck

Tareq Jundi and Fabienne van Eck speak about their experiences working with displaced people in the Middle East in the context of Musicians Without Borders projects in Jordan and Palestine.

WORKSHOP • Working in Context

Trainers: Amanda Koser-Gillespie and Otto de Jong

Examining how to incorporate the summit and training material into your own context.

Storytelling & Advocacy IV

Trainers: Manu van Kersbergen and Guus van der Steen

Musicians Without Borders trainers and rappers Guus van der Steen & Manu van Kersbergen speak about their work in Musicians Without Borders projects in Palestine, Greece and Italy with displaced youth as well as guide participants through practical techniques on how to create their own raps.